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We appreciate all donations, no matter how big or small. However, there are some levels of generosity that warrant an induction in to the official United We Conquer Hall of Fame. A donation of £250 or more will go such a long way in helping me to achieve my goal. Hall of famers will also receive their name or logo on the boat as well as being entered in to a prize draw to win a day out on the boat.

For a one off donation of £250 or more you can join the 250 club

Benefits of joining the 250 club include: – Your name or logo on the boat🙋🏼‍♂️ – Mention on the United we Conquer website Hall of Fame⭐️ – Entry into a prize draw to win a day out on the boat🚣🏻

250 Club Hall of Fame!

Adele & Paul Oliver
Alex Bowron
Andrew Scott
Beeline Fencing
Cameron Young
Casse Tate Marine
Connor Durnford
Connor Wolfe
Dan Tennant
Darren Hilts
Dominic Giles
Ed Sinclair
Jake Chambers
Jill Murphy
Jim Webb
Nikki Jarvis
Patti Jarvis
Paul Ackland
Paul Kelly
Ricardo Garcia Sanchez
Rick Dring
Sam Jewell
Scott Atherton
Steve Marsden
Tessa Durkin
Will Jarvis
Aaron Ward
Nick Bloomfield

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